Get a retirement plan your employees will love, maximizes everyone’s benefits, that is cost effective.

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Small to midsize companies can now enjoy the same quality services offered by Fortune 500 companies.

Gain Fiduciary Protection

Enjoy total peace of mind knowing your best interest is always put first and we’re beside you for the long haul

Maximize Benefits for Everyone

Get a plan your employees will love so everyone, at every level, can benefit- without getting gouged by unnecessary fees

Offload Your Frustrations

Choosing the right plan doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. You’ll walk away with a reliable plan that is good for your people and protects your company

Gain cost savings, total peace of mind, maximum benefits, and happier employees when you choose the right partner for your company’s retirement plan.

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We are front line guardians and fiduciaries in your company’s retirement plan. We assess the issues and put systems in place to protect you and then we put our name on the line as co-fiduciary. We ensure proper diversification of funds, evaluate plan fees and expenses, and improve selection and replacement of investments and service providers. We provide formal training on fiduciary best practices for your staff and investment committee. We bring clear, concise and accurate reporting to your team.

Discover what a successful 401(k) plan looks like

When you add a fiduciary consultant with big plan skills, expertise, and knowledge to your 401(k) Committee, you get a better retirement plan.

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Don’t risk a lawsuit and suffer unintended consequences.

Stop taking advice from people that aren’t willing to be jointly liable for their recommendations.

Stop Putting Yourself At Risk


Inaccurate processes, procedures and reporting account for 90% of non-compliance. Failure to address these problemscan lead to investigation by the EBSA and lawsuits

Excessive Fees

The majority of DOL lawsuits are focused on “Inappropriate Investments” and “Excessive Fees”. There are over 250 different fee structures you need to know to accurately assess your investment related fees.


You expect your plan advisor to have your best interest in mind when it comes to your plans performance. However, non-fiduciaries get paid for the sale, not the performance.

Get A Better Plan


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Maximize employee benefits, lower your costs, while protecting your company.